Madrid based DALAL ALHASAN have released their latest collection “The Unforgettable”

The inspiration behind THE UNFORGETTABLE COLLECTION comes from the idea of having a fresh start like we do in the morning when we take a shower and where most of us feel inspired and get our best ideas. That fresh feeling after the shower helps us start our day on a positive note, and motivates us to work on achieving our goals.

The Unforgettable Collection By DALAL ALHASAN

DALAL ALHASAN aim with this collection is to inspire the inner spirit of every man around the world and to move on gradually by focusing on the bright side and look forward to the future.

The pieces are varied between pants, shorts, shirts and t-shirts. Their fabrics were chosen to translate the inspiration behind the collection. The PVC represents the clarity of the water, while the Terra Cloth fabric (towel) symbolizes wrapping a towel around the body after a shower.

The Unforgettable Collection

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