Based in Netherlands Skéuo is a menswear label that brings a unique perspective to modern dressing through the limited production of consciously developed luxury products. 

SKÉUOW exists in the space between heritage and modernity, their fascination with timeless garments and craftsmanship inspired to reimagine them for current generations with contemporary ideas about style, silhouette, and conscious fashion. In doing so, they aim to express the growing identity of clothing through unique designs that create everyday modern classics. 

Skéuo is committed to the development of a conscious business that is mindful of the environment. SKÉUO goal is to bring high-quality products developed in one-of-a-kind limited series. This approach to manufacturing is done with sustainability in mind as a response to the detrimental effects of waste and overproduction, allowing us to focus on quality. Moreover, our garments are constructed using extraordinary natural materials from sustainable producers. 

Skéuo aspires to become a reference for an unconstrained and culturally non-normative high-end design experience. It is strongly committed to values that uphold equality, diversity, and inclusivity, and promotes an environmentally conscious production, reflecting the ever-growing social desire to have more meaningful and innovative creative experiences that bolster self-expression and shape social identity.


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