Amsterdam based PATTA have teamed up with FAIRTEX on a collection of shorts that brings together diverse cultures and universal values. The Patta × Fairtex May Thai Shorts draws an inspiration from Patta Surinamese origins, the shorts proudly displays artwork, showcasing the indigenous people of the motherland and featuring the same drawing that is used in the Surinam heraldry. The brand new Patta x Fairtex Muay Thai Shorts have been updated with three St. Andrew’s Cross details in a shield, a symbol that is synonymous with the city Patta calls home, Amsterdam. In addition to this, the design
displays a Palm Tree with the powerful message of “Lobi Libi” translated from Sranan Tongo: Love Life. Hailing from Thailand, the brand Fairtex, which is both owned and operated there, consistently crafts robust and comfortable boxing shorts that are indispensable for your everyday attire. The Patta x Fairtex Muay Thai Shorts are available to buy from PATTA webstore and in stores at Patta Amsterdam, Patta London and Patta Milan.

Patta x Fairtex Shorts

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