Bristol based British streetwear brand PARLEZ has realised their winter 2023 collection.

This season PARLEZ draws inspiration from classic workwear silhouettes; incorporating relaxed fits that provide freedom of movement, robust and durable fabrics for longevity, and utilitarian details to offer convenient on-the-go storage.

Utilising heavier fabrics for the shifting season, you’ll find corduroy and cotton canvas featured prominently across the collection, bringing a sense of rugged comfort. Additionally, other cosy elements such as fleece, quilted linings, and padding provide an extra layer of warmth for the colder months ahead.See the full campaign in pictures below.



Launched in 2012, Parlez is a British clothing brand rooted in the vibrant city of Bristol.
As a brand their focus is to produce high quality, functional apparel, consciously. Designed for the city
and beyond, their collections are shaped by travels, the bonds they have forged along the way, and their
consistent allure to the ocean.
Being heavily influenced by the ocean, they want to ensure they have as little negative impact on the
planet as possible, which has led them to utilise recycled and organic fabrics where possible and have
implemented a recycling scheme that allows their garments a longer lifespan.
Parlez are proud to be part of 1% of the planet, supporting environmental NGOS across the globe. Each
year, 1% of their profits are donated to organisations that tackle some of planets most pressing
environmental issues.


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