Moei Al Debis -Content Creator from Sweden

Can you tell us your name and what you do and tell the readers how we know each other? 

A: My name is Moei Al Debis and I am from Sweden, Gothenburg. 

I’m an entrepreneur and content creator, I run the website Moei and have been doing this since 2010. On this blog I write about fashion, beauty and lifestyle issues. My interest in fashion makes me constantly develop as a designer and fashion influencer. Furthermore, I’m also a stylist and a model. 

So how do we know each other , it’s a really funny story, we first met at Copenhagen Fashion Week more than a year ago. I remember we met in the press bus and started talking there, after that we kept in touch and met again when I went down to London Fashion Week Men’s . So fun that two creative souls met, that’s the best thing about fashion.


How are you remaining creative/maintaining your creative output? 

A:I try to keep up with my routines. Wake up early in the morning, go for walk ,I have never in my entire life gone for walks, so I do that often now and I enjoy it, this allows me to clear my head and think for new creative ideas after that I have a good breakfast . 


What would be your advice to other creatives, struggling to maintain creativity and motivation in isolation? 

A:My best tip is to continue with your routines and start the day with a good breakfast. When you are home a lot, it is extra important to move around every day. Gym at home, and if you go out, my tip is to start walking because it is really good for the brain. And you need it if you want to be creative and create content. If you work in styling, social media / content creator then it is good to call your friends in the industry come together , get your ideas together. You learn a lot from each other! 

What are you missing most about the outside world? 

A:The social bit , being with friends,the festivals and so many fashion events. But it is not the end of the world, we must fight and hope that this will soon be over. 

What’s the first thing you hope to do when quarantine is over? 

A:The first thing I want to do is visit my favourite restuarant with friends and be able to sit there, it’s a completely different feeling and of course travelling .I will be going to Italy, USA and Turkey because we have a apartment there. 

What are you reading and/or listening to? 

A:I’m not really a person who likes to read. But I like Vogue Homme, and also the Swedish Men’s Fashion Magazine, Café Magazine

I have also ordered different books about fashion history. Looking forward to reading them! 

Are there any aspects of the lockdown that you would like to continue in the future? 

A:I will continue to have meetings over facetime and my walks because it has helped me a lot with my work and my ideas. 

Where can people see more of your work and can interact with you?

Instagram: @moeialdebis

Website: moei.se

Tiktok: @moeialdebis

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