The brand follows guidelines of sustainable fashion, and that’s why designers use in their work pieces purchased at sales and in second-hand stores and upcycle them into unique art objects. This catwalk show was powered by EcoLine, the top waste treatment operator for Moscow and the Moscow Region – together with Vtoroe Dykhanie Fund they collected clothing for the brand’s new collection.

RigRaiser’s philosophy stands on three pillars – style as a shape, awareness as a way, art as a mission. Moreover, in their work the designers suggest total denial of any trends. Their every collection designed in close collaboration with artists, who offer their view on art, features a message to be unriddled.The new collection ATTENTION! once again reminded the audience about the need for resource redistribution and demonstrated that upcycling and recycling are not some meaningless words. Abandoning sophisticated and piled up patterns typical for the fashion world, RigRaiser turn to standard shapes and models, filling these with significant essence. At the same time, these standard shapes are made of plastic, metal, X-rays and cigarette butts, which contrast each other and once again remind of the collection’s fundamental concept. The color palette brings into focus unification with nature – green, grey and black hues prevail in it.


INNOMINATE is a Russian brand established by brothers Roman and Alexander Kim adheres to laconicism in terms of design and pays special attention to geometry. Their collection Knight and Day, consonant with Night and Day, is a story of equilibrium between masculinity and femininity, and the philosophic concept of the universe. It embraced oversize suits, pleated mantle-dresses and extensive shorts. Some of the pieces features floral prints, but the designer’s passion to shapes, textures and multilayered looks took its cost – most of the looks were monochromic, made of dense fabrics.


The brand by Marfa Fedorova mainly works in the street fashion style. In their online presentation demonstrated at MBFW Russia, the designer introduced a collection inspired by a generalized image of Nordic sled dogs. Hence all the vests, quilted coats, balaclavas, coats and lacquered garments, demonstrating independence. Basic colors of the collection were black, grey, dark blue, ochre and coral.


The brand made an upcycling collection and presented it at Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Russia. All the pieces were made of reused materials. Models walked down the catwalk in skirts and tops made of neck ties, patchwork jeans and shirts, and graphic dresses, mainly featuring blue, dark blue and pink. Micro-bags and detachable cuffs favorably complemented the looks. The show was powered by EcoLine, the top waste treatment operator for Moscow and the Moscow Region. This collection was created with the garments that were collected at the special point, powered by Vtoroe Dykhanie Fund, during MBFW Russia in April.

The brand by Agata Vostrikova speaks about the quest for a blend of technology and preserved heritage along with traditions. They presented their Carriage Return collection at the confluence of folk craft and artificial intelligence technology. Prints for the collection were designed with the help of AI, while woolen clothes were made by craftswomen from Kabardino-Balkaria and Karachay-Cherkessia. Both man’s and woman’s looks were showcased – gowns, extensive sweaters and bike shorts complemented with challenging accessories like chunky knit caps and balaclavas, triangular-shaped bags and gloves.


This emerging brand is a local one. It aims to preserve the cultural code of Buryatiya along with traditions and matrices of the nomadic culture. At MBFW Russia, designer Nadezhda presented her Wind Blows collection that is dedicated to relations between so different and sometimes controversial worlds – the human and the spiritual ones. Inspired by the works of Nam June Paik and Park Hyunki, and some other artists who explored the material and the illusive worlds, the designer showed the audience how a new reality was born – a combination of the natural and the digital.


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