Lynn Mongameli

Can you tell us your name and what you do and tell the readers how we know each other?

My name is Lynn Mongameli, and amongst the many things I do, I am a Features Editor at PAUSE Online Magazine. 

I’m certain it was via Instagram and our love for Zimbabwe, fashion and culture and it’s blossomed from there. We’ve even done a podcast, and we’re forever bound together by the wavelengths. 

What does an average day look like for you under lockdown? 

Like many others, I’ve had to adjust to the lockdown or semi lockdown life as the rules begin to relax. Early on during the lockdown, it was difficult to get a routine or find a rhythm but my day mainly consisted off with a coffee and a perusal of emails, followed with some feature writing with a side of daily news and coordinating any projects we had happening at the time before logging off for the day.  

Mongameli @ London Fashion Week Mens

 How are you remaining creative/maintaining your creative output?

In terms of remaining creating I’ve tried to include a daily walk (tried running but it’s a no from me) and maybe some light reading at lunch as a means of stepping away from the computer and letting my brain declutter and think for itself for a little bit. 

But I’ve found that it’s been during this time that I’ve become more intentional with my creativity and how I use my brain. I’ve been able to slow myself down to a pace that allows me to actually scrutinise my ideas, and ask myself ‘why.’ 

What would be your advice to other creatives, struggling to maintain creativity and motivation in isolation?

Instead of endless creation during this period, I have really tried to use this time to learn and better myself. 

So my advice to creatives would be to take time, learn, hone your skills better your understanding of your craft. Put in the hours, and you’ll definitely be better off for it. Like Young T and Bugsey would say – “Don’t Rush, Slow Touch.”

What are you missing most about the outside world?  

 My friends won’t believe this but I actually miss being out, being at Fashion Week or partying, being at those good industry events and meeting new people. 

Isolation and lockdown made me realise that I, in my own personal moderation, actually enjoy those settings and I definitely didn’t appreciate the kind of memories we were creating during those times, so I miss those interactions. 

What’s the first thing you hope to do when quarantine is over?

Firstly, I want to grab dinner on a rooftop with my special friend. Then grab an all-day brunch with the gang. 

But mostly I’m looking forward to putting into action some of the things I’ve been planning but haven’t been able to do due to the pandemic, namely creating spaces, programmes and networks for Southern African creatives, executives and influencers here in the UK.   

What are you reading and/or listening to? 

 I’m a music nerd so I’ve been listening to anything I can get my hands on From Prince to NSG, to Foxy Brown to Connan Mockasin and Alabama Shakes. I created a playlist with a good creative collaborator Ernest Mojela with a healthy mix of tracks that slap.

I have also become somewhat of an avid reader recently – I’m actually engaged in a reading challenge as we speak. I recently read The Autobiography of Malcolm X, Subtle Art of Not Giving A F*uck, James Baldwin’s I Am Not Your Negro and I’m currently reading a book titled Andy Warhol Was A Hoarder which talks all about some of society’s greatest minds personalities and how they battle with some kind of mental health.

Oh and my Bible, I’m definitely trying to read that more.

Are there any aspects of the lockdown that you would like to continue in the future?  

I’d definitely like to continue to be intentional with all that I do, but I aside from that I think just remaining in touch with people. 

I’ve found that before this time I probably wasn’t the greatest communicator and took ages to respond to messages etc, but during this time, I’ve checked on friends more and I’ve made time for people more. I will definitely continue to do that. 

Where can people see more of your work and can interact with you ?

I’m always happy to converse so you send me your fit pics with running commentary on either my Instagram which is @mongamelii or you can read me pretending to be intellectual on Twitter which is @mongameliii

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