Jen Eleto

Can you tell us your name and what you do and tell the readers how we know each other?

Freelance fashion + celebrity stylist
Senior fashion + culture editor @ Pause Mag
Met at Bianca Saunders LFWM afterparty

What does an average day look like for you under lockdown? 

There is no average day normally and remains the same in Lockdown 

How are you remaining creative/maintaining your creative output?

Started therapy this lockdown ,which has helped keep sane – health is wealth they say.Generally never put pressure or force myself to be creative

What would be your advice to other creatives, struggling to maintain creativity and motivation in isolation?

Unplug,do not force yourself to be productive/creative – if you are struggling too

What’s the first thing you hope to do when quarantine is over?

Hmmm – not sure
I’ll let everyone test the air first before I step out hahaha

Jen Eleto

What are you reading and/or listening to?

More a music girl ,So I’ve been listening to No Signal blackradio clashes and shows 
Also falling back in love with R&B Neo Soul Old and New school

Are there any aspects of the lockdown that you would like to continue in the future? 

The virtual parties- DJ lives, clashes and shows etc can stay! 

Where can people see more of your work and can interact with you

Find me across all social platforms at @Jenelectro

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