Gianni is an upcoming stylist based in London that I met through Instagram, Gianni reached out to me with a proposal for a project he had worked on called “Streetwear Heritage”. I liked his idea and I felt I should showcase some of his work on Menswearbible .In this interview he talks about his journey as a young stylist and the “streetwear heritage” shoot he collaborated with his photographer.

Pictures –J Tagle

Tell us about yourself and your career so far, how did you become a fashion stylist?

My names Nathan but everyone calls me Gianni! I’m currently 20 turning 21 this year, and I am Jamaican, Ghanaian and Sicilian. My styling career so far has been a joy ride so to speak! I only started styling official two years and have worked with some great creatives and continue to build day by day. I currently work, study a full time degree in buying and merchandising and freelance style! So yes im very busy.

Can you tell us what was the idea behind “streetwear heritage “ shoot ?

The idea behind this editorial series in particular, was to highlight a massive and ever growing trend in a non typical way. The idea of this shoot was look at different street styles, in today’s modern fashion landscape and capture how streetwear in itself has become a phenomenon with many different layers. That’s where the idea of heritage comes from, the idea of the new DNA that run through streetwear. Despite older influences within streetwear trends which is reflected by the  landscape the pictures are captured in, we are seeing a new a transformative streetwear trends such as the idea of tailoring or classic smart essentials becoming apart of streetwear.  Essentially streetwear heritage, is a serious that takes it hat off too the past but marches triumphantly to the future.

How was it like working with the photographer Jay Tagle ,you collaborated with on this shoot ?

Jay was a amazing to collaborate with, he’s a freelance photographer and has an amazing eye for creating depth to an image. Both Jay and I had a clear objective for this shoot and were both on the same page. I’m the person who wants everything and the kitchen sink and jay really helped to refine the image selection and make this vision come to life. I’ve gave him the hard task of capturing the landscape beautifully whilst also making sure the clothes and styling were at forefront and he did not disappoint. 

Where did you draw the style inspirations for this shoot ?

Like earlier mentioned I see styling as a way of expressive a narrative, and this narrative was streetwear heritage. Streetwear is majoring a trickle up trend, therefore I hit the streets and the Instagram. I really wanted to analyse what’s now what’s current. I wanted this shoot to relate to a person who wears streetwear In this current society. That’s why I went to key fashion locations within the UK and took pictures of random people, analysed and drew out trends for myself. I went through Instagram and looked at 100’s of people ( not just influencers) but people that just come with a streetwear sauce about them. That’s where I drew my inspiration from…even down the details of fact that majority of streetwear consumers wear white socks over black. 

Who would you most like to style and why ?

Who I would most like to style is very hard, because there are so many people! I’m going to say a top 3 because honestly even 3 is hard. I’d love to style, Jhus for British vogue, I’d love style Reggie Yates for GQ, and Id love to style Rihanna for anything , But there are so many more! 

How do you stay on top of fashion trends?

I always keeping my eye out! The streets are innovators of fashion! I of course watch fashion weeks, which are huge influence but I think knowing what trends will trickle down, is how to keep on top of the trends! I think you always have to innovate yourself, with a trend. Databases like WGSN are always a handy tool!

What has been your absolute favorite styling project ?

My favourite project. So far, has to be my one coming out with Nataal magazine, I can’t speak to much on it but wow it’s a vibe!

How have you been working with clients while social distancing ?

Social distancing and styling seems to be opposites but I’ve made it work! I’ve done a lot more consultancy through zoom and sending clothes to clients, getting them to dress themselves! But it all honesty it’s something I’m still working on, because it is a challenge.

How do you think the future of stylist will post lockdown?

I think the future of styling is unknown, however everyone’s needs clothes and not everyone knows how to dress (cheeky joke). So i believe stylists are solidified, how often and payment may differ but I believe more now then ever people want happiness! And dressing will isn’t all that makes people happy no, but everyone wants to be comfortable and confident and I think clothes come part and parcel of that! 

What styling advice would you give to men?

My biggest biggest tip! In terms of men dressing themselves is, if you don’t have 3 things in your wardrobe that already match the item in some way. Do not buy it! Also push yourself….try things on and see how you feel you may surprise yourself!

pictures by J Tagle

What advice would you give an up and coming fashion stylist?

I am still up and coming myself, everyone’s up and coming! The best thing to do is network and network! People say how, but it’s about putting yourself out there and not being afraid to ask! You add a stylist you like, ask to assist them, all they can say is no ! Take chance and risk and don’t let anyone hold you back!

How can people interact with you and see some of your work ?

People can interact with me, through my my Instagram g_ianni_ and @_styledby_g 

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