What were you doing before you opened the store?  

Before Focus Man Fashion, I was a stylist, dressing celebrities, editorial stylist and consultant. I still am a fashion stylist working on various projects and hold the position as Europe Fashion Editor at Bleu Magazine.

How would you describe Focus Man?  

Focus Man was an idea developed in 2016; it was a platform to showcase and sell menswear brands on our e-commerce site in our early days. I later shifted the focus to curating events around independent brands, showcasing them to a fashion audience. While I was still curating fashion brands’ events, I planned to launch a fashion pop up and sample sales selling authentic menswear designer brands below the recommended retail price to grow Focus Man Fashion since we were no longer selling online. Unfortunately, covid came along and disrupted the plans. We had to cancel our events, so I shifted to putting the store back online selling designer menswear goods below retail, which resulted in the business fully developing into an e-commerce store again.

Did you always know you wanted to own your online shop? If not, when did you decide this is what you wanted to do?  

Yes, I have always wanted to have an e-commerce store or develop the business in the form of a physical pop-up store, I am big on ownership.  Because of my knowledge in fashion I was able to access fashion wholesalers and create a model that gives customers the opportunity to discover designer goods below the recommended retail price.

What advice would you give to someone wanting to open their online store, especially in the times, we are living right now?  

My advice would be to know what customer you want to cater to, figure out the logistics in terms of business to consumers, so your business can deliver the best customer service.

Focus man features a variety of designer clothes.  Can you share with us the process you go through in finding the perfect items for the store?  

Since the business is focused on selling goods below the recommended retail price, I work closely with distributors who supply Focus Man Fashion designer goods at the wholesale price; I usually source goods based on the designers in demand by popularity and choosing season-appropriate pieces.

Focus Man

Describe a Focus Man customer?

Our customers are trendy individuals who like designer goods. 

Which other lines would you like to carry on Focus Man?

Once the store is doing well financially,  Focus Man Fashion will eventually, stock emerging high-end and contemporary brands on our retail store.

What’s your vision for Focus Man?

The vision is to increase the online store sales and once covid is over to go back to the pop-up events

Any plans for a physical store in future?

Yes, I would love to, I would have the same format set up online, selling clothes below the recommended retail price.

What are your thoughts on the future of retail in the UK?

Very interesting at the moment, many stores are struggling to keep their business afloat, covid has definitely changed the dynamics of how we shop. I am glad to see some retailers have adapted their services to function better online, and some stores have introduced click and collect services to give customers a personal touch.

Lastly what are a few must-have items right now from Focus Man? (see below)

My personal favourite is the Neil Barrett range; I love the design and fit of the collection.

Givenchy I love the collection it is high end with a bit of edge, this  check shirt with embroidered start detailing is perfect for casual dressing.


 These Tom Ford shades are perfect for wearing on a holiday gateway 


Focus Man currently have a competition to win a Moschino T shirt check their Instagram page Focus Man

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