Amsterdam based brand HUMBLE MINDED have released their latest collection titled “Out and About” which is about exploration,a unique collection by Humble Minded that urges you to escape the digital realm and immerse yourself in the beauty of nature. Experience the world from different perspectives and let the surroundings guide you towards discovering your true self.

The latest collection captures the essence of everyday life on the streets, blending timeless aesthetics with contemporary graphic designs using the finest materials. From the intricately designed patterns to the bold and modern artwork, every piece is a representation of the diversity of creative expression.Check out the full collection below


Humble Minded is a ready-to-wear lifestyle brand established in 2017 by Zar Lasahido. Founded in Amsterdam, the brand began with a simple, elegant, and contemporary concept. Designs that are unique, detailed, and comfortable are at the ethos of Humble Minded. With one of our other main goals being to elevate the creative industry to the next level by connecting people, borders, and cultural differences. Each and every process that Humble Minded does comes ‘From the Heart’, a special narrative that defines the brand

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