To celebrate this years Earth Day, British based GEO Clothing have designed some limited products exclusive to only from their webstore Produced with recycled materials and upcycled products with minimal to no wastage.


Geo Owen from East London, United Kingdom, originally graduated with a degree in Graphic Design, 2012. At the same time he founded his international design house that would allow to express ideas from different spectrums in different locations around the world. Initially interned working for Virgil Abloh creating merchandise ideas for RSVP Gallery. 2013-2015 Geo joined Kanye West’s design studio Donda. During this time he worked on projects ranging from branding, web design, tour design, album covers and more. With such a diverse portfolio and skill in graphic design, he wanted to transfer his graphical language to physical product that people would resonate with.

Geo established his namesake label in 2016, first as a merchandise project. The first collection, autumn winter 2016 was well received. Two seasons later, Geo decided to refine and push forward the brand as a mens ready-to-wear label. It is the visual expression of successive case studies that define the intersection between human and physical geography. The graphics and configuration of garments across each collection are the outcome of these individual case studies. Each collection seeks an understanding of the Earth; it’s human and natural complexities.

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