Copenhagen outfitters Libertine-Libertine have released a brand-new capsule collection in the form of Voleur de Vin-‘the Wine Thief’. Adding to the brand’s eclectic and life-affirming universe, Libertine-Libertine’s latest offering is inspired by the historical port of Marseille in the 16th century. Workers handling the barrels would develop long straws to steal wine without getting caught. The Voleur De Vin character features throughout the latest release and encapsulates the energy and DNA of the LL brand.


Libertine-Libertine’s non-seasonal collection is built around clean, casual aesthetics supporting the brand’s renowned experience with tailoring in contemporary silhouettes.


Libertine-Libertine: Founded in Copenhagen 2009 by Rasmus Bak, Pernille Schwarz & Peter Ovesen, rooted in a fascination of the modern Libertine concept. The founder team had an urge to launch a brand of integrity and high-quality products in a versatile business frame. Libertine-Libertine has established a commendable reputation for its balance between contemporary tailoring in high quality fabrics and a distinct and appealing graphic universe under the Lobster Club umbrella – bringing the omnipresent Libertine spirit to life.


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