ARIES works within the interspace between luxury label refinement, and streetwear’s anarchic character and accessibility, putting forth a fresh vision of high-end casual style with a finely sharpened design edge. The label’s philosophy is distilled from the dynamic industry experience and personal vision of Italian-born, UK-based designer Sofia Prantera, who founded Aries in 2012 after working long stints with cult labels Slam City Skates and Silas. Having completed a degree from London’s Central Saint Martins, and subsequently maintained a love of high fashion through her streetwear years, Prantera sought to experiment with a new, ‘undefinable’ hybrid label. The result of this vision has proved a cult-hit, striking a chord with discerning sartorialists through a singular blend of influences, footnoting anti-fashion youth movements, ‘trash culture’, and elegantly conceived luxury couture with equal ease. Aries has also issued another challenge to the status quo through its anti-waste philosophy, seen via ethically and ecologically sound production. Newly launched menswear collections bring the label’s ethos to the masculine silhouette, in a range of pieces that revive and update the raw potential and edgy subculture applications of early 2000’s streetwear.


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