ANTI-DO-TO is the brand that is pioneering change through action and the building of a community
of changemakers, around its essential wardrobe. Its first mission is the completion of a skatepark
dubbed “Ha’ramba”, situated on the Port of Gaza City and has been envisaged and developed by
the GAZA FREESTYLE organization.

The ANTI-DO-TO manifesto is clear: for every purchase, 50 percent of the brand’s net profits
will be destined to social impact projects that support inclusion, physical and mental well-being,
community and the planet at their core. Ha’ramba Skatepark upholds these values.To celebrate the realization of this project, ANTI-DO-TO has also created an ad hoc Ha’ramba Skatepark T-shirt, made of 100% organic cotton and detailed with tribute prints inspired by the photographs of the skatepark in the Gaza City Port. By purchasing this product or any other ANTI DO-TO item, each customer can actively contribute to completion of the skatepark.


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