London based designer , LVMH Prize 2020 Finalist and Fashion Award winner Priya Ahluwalia has released Ahluwalia SS22 digital collection titled “Parts of Me” for London Fashion Week. See the full collection below,


Priya Ahluwalia , the young London-born designer of Nigerian-Indian heritage, is helping push the fashion industry towards a more sustainable future with her eco-conscious designs. Conceived as a continuation of her MA project, the University of Westminster graduate launched Ahluwalia in 2018 with the intention of creating menswear garments out of vintage and second-hand clothing. Gaining industry-wide recognition and winning the 2019 H&M Design Award, Ahluwalia is representative of a new generation of forward-thinking designers seeking to challenge the status quo by engaging ever-more sustainable approaches to garment manufacturing. Influenced by her cultural heritage, Ahluwalia is heavily inspired by the silhouettes family members wore in the 1990s. Embodying a nostalgic tinge, Ahluwalia is an amalgamation of sportswear, knitwear, and fine tailoring. Each piece, by the very nature of its fabrication, is unique: jackets, hoodies, sweaters, lounge pants, and shorts feature paneled and asymmetric constructions, mismatched fabrics, and juxtaposing pattern combinations. By giving unwanted, discarded, and forgotten items a second life, Ahluwalia sheds light on the potential for an ever-more ethically motivated fashion industry—one that does not have to forgo innovation in order to exemplify responsibility.

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